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My TasKillar Software.

Yes - I created this software internally after looking at many other tools like (which is really expensive)

I was paying $199 per month for this software for only 10 users.

That is $2400 per year for being able to manage my projects, tasks and my people.

That’s When I Decided To Be Smart And Create My Own, 

More Effective And More Powerful Software…

With Task Killer You Will Be Able To

Get a LOT More Done In A Lot Less Time

Getting stuff done is the name of the game. If you can crush your tasks like the cockroaches they are, you will be able to move forward & get more things done in one day than most people do in one week.

Manage Your Team & Their Time As Well.

When you have a team you need to stay on top of what they are doing and maximize your dollars so you get the most out of them. TasKillar helps you do that so you get more than what you pay for with each team member.

Manage All Your Tasks From One Place.

No more spreading everything around in excel sheets, word documents, pdfs or checklists and then scrambling to find what you need when you need it the most…TasKillar keeps everything in one place for you.

Manage all Your Projects From One Place.

Handling multiple projects is a breeze and TasKillar never lets you feel overwhelmed by the amount of work that needs to be done. Take the load off your mind and get more done on each project.

Calculate Billing And Payment For Your Team.

Paying your team, paying your freelancers or paying any other contracts is now super easy because you know exactly how many hours to pay them for and what they did during those hours. You cannot get scammed by contracts with TasKillar.

Manage Freelancers & The Work They Do.

Whether you have in-house team members or freelancers you hire from different sites, you can manage everyone in one place across different projects and tasks seamlessly.

Store Important Project Files In One Place.

Now you can keep all your work and project files in one place, never have to worry about losing them or not finding them when you need them most. Easily share them with team members or freelancers when they need it.

Create Unlimited Tasks Lists For Yourself

The best way to crush through your day is to make a task list and go through it one by one. Now you can create unlimited such lists for yourself and your team members too.

Create & Assign Unlimited Tasks To Your Team

Creating and assigning tasks to get more done has never been easier. With TasKillar you can do that in just one click and never worrying about manually emailing tasks or instructions to your team members.

A Complete Calendar And Tracking System

Track your tasks, your projects, your team and their deliverables on a day by day basis so you never lose track of what you are supposed to do. A full calendar system is built into Task Killer for you & your team.

A Complete Task Commenting & Tracking System

For every task you create you have a complete tracking and commenting system so you can discuss specifics without creating long email threads or chains. Now stick to the point and 
get more clarity on every task at hand.

No More Emails, Spreadsheets Or Chats Etc.

Gone are the days when everything was discussed over email and there were groups of people chatting away creating more confusion than output. Now you can get rid of all that and just use one platform - TasKillar.

Add Unlimited Files, Links & Notes To All Your Tasks

Now you can attach files, links and notes to every task for yourself and keep everything in one place so more work gets done in less time. No limits to how many files, links or notes you can add.

Fill Up Your Calendar With Stuff That Makes You Money.

Stop doing things that don’t make you money, get all the checklists in one place and FOCUS on only the tasks that make you money, get rid of all the distracting useless tasks.

Stop Wasting Time On Tasks That Expand To Fill Your Time Automatically.

Slot your time perfectly to fill up your one hour work day and scratch them off your list quickly 
so you can get more done in way less time than anyone else.

There Are Absolutely No Restriction to How Many Checklist, Projects To do List You Can Create For Yourself, Or For Your Team. Never Pay More, Just One Price For Everything.

There are absolutely no limits to how many checklists, projects and todo lists you can create for yourself, or for your team members. Never pay more for unlimited, just one price for everything unlimited.

Never Pay Heavy Monthly Fees Like I Did.

For just 10 members in my team I end up paying about $199 per month. That is way expensive and I never want you to pay that to any company. That's why I created TasKillar. One small price, get everything.

STOP Getting Distracted, Copy 15 Top Marketer’s

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 TasKillar App for 10x More Profits...

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How Does TasKillar Compare With Other Similar Apps?

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Because Action Takers Are The Money Makers!

  • So stop wasting your time & energy on doing things that don’t work and don’t make you any money.
  • You need to be more ORGANIZED.
  • You need to FOCUS.
  • You need to do Things that actually WORK.
  • You need to follow what SUCCESSFUL people do.
  • You need to do MORE every hour than other people.
  • You need to get MORE RESULTS from your hard work.
  • And you need the perfect SOFTWARE to do that.
  • TasKillar is the only app that combines everything in one place for you with all the knowledge and training you need.
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If you have any issues while using the Task Killer Software and we fail to help you resolve the issue, we’ll give you 100% of your money back. Our money back guarantee applies to technical issues only – other than that, all sales are final.

Note - With every refund request we need a valid reason along with Proof that you tried our software & training as explained and it did not work for you.

We do not offer a no-questions asked refund and you need to provide a valid reason for requesting one. Our team has a 99% proven record of solving customer problems and helping them through any issues they have so you’re extremely safe & your purchase is protected.

I am considering your money to be kept safe on the table between us waiting for you to try this software and plug it into your business to make real money so you feel this has been a great investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions….

 1. Will This Work On My Mac? 

Absolutely - the software is 100% cloud-based so it runs perfectly on any operating system - no installation or download required.

2. How Can This Make Me Money? 

1Hr WorkDay is a breakthrough technology that actually works on 3 levels to make you profits.
First, it helps you make passive affiliate commissions. Secondly, it actively creates videos out of any URL AS you’re making these commissions. And third, it uses 100% free viral traffic to get viewers to your offers.

3. Is This Really Beginner Friendly? 

It sure is. You won’t need a website, hosting or any technical skills. Just follow the included directions and you’ll be on your way! 

4. How Long Before I See Results?

This will vary based on the offers & niches you choose. You’ll be able to set up your automated affiliate reviews in 60 seconds or less…MANY testers have seen 3+ figure daily profits within as little as 1-3 days after launching their funnels 

5. I’m Already Making Online Profits - Why Do I Need This? 

1Hr WorkDay offers a very fast, easy, and cost-effective solution to creating multiple income streams. Adding additional cash flow helps ANY business, and this is the easiest way to do it.

6. Do I Have To Pay For Traffic?

Not a single penny! We’ve integrated the software with powerful social media platforms, to get you all the free viral traffic you’ll need to make this work. - 2020 All Rights Reserved


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